Down But Not Out survival manual now re-published and available for purchase here.


"Well last night I was 30 seconds behind a head on collision between a pickup truck and a semi-trailer. I was first responder, and your course came into play & the training kicked in. [...]

Four people in the pickup, various injuries, from a cut up face, to a lady that had pain in her back and most likely internal bleeding.  I was able to keep one step ahead that no one else was thinking of (Prioritizing). Get the people sitting down, addressing the injuries of 5 people, talking to each one every few minutes for shock, keeping them warm, dressing wounds, building a fire [...] I used up a lot of our winter survival gear and emergency gear, the gear you suggested we should have. It was an hour before anyone showed up.  We were prepared. [...]

Your training did help me a whole lot.  It was not me that needed help to survive, but other people and your course did help them stay alive".  


  • What do you thing of our sculpted yard? No grass
  • Whitetail deer rub The signs are everywhere make the connections
  • Drag pole rabbit snare from placement to harvest 16 of
  • Fresh off the press! Down but not Out published to
  • For those that feel the same! prepare primal hunting shooting
  • Poplar tops and rabbit turds In winter If I find
  • Sharptailed grouse Our largest grouse species in the local area
  • Great start to the day and a consistent navigation aid!
  • The Rabbit the snare and the fox Caught a rabbit
  • Black bears and birch trees Black bears rely on large
  • Passive food gathering techniques can save calories time and provide
  • Trapping with the family My youngest son Shawn and newest