Down But Not Out survival manual now re-published and available for purchase here.


"Well last night I was 30 seconds behind a head on collision between a pickup truck and a semi-trailer. I was first responder, and your course came into play & the training kicked in. [...]

Four people in the pickup, various injuries, from a cut up face, to a lady that had pain in her back and most likely internal bleeding.  I was able to keep one step ahead that no one else was thinking of (Prioritizing). Get the people sitting down, addressing the injuries of 5 people, talking to each one every few minutes for shock, keeping them warm, dressing wounds, building a fire [...] I used up a lot of our winter survival gear and emergency gear, the gear you suggested we should have. It was an hour before anyone showed up.  We were prepared. [...]

Your training did help me a whole lot.  It was not me that needed help to survive, but other people and your course did help them stay alive".  


  • Sunsets and friends! Nothing like a backcountry canoe trip in
  • Water water water! Dehydration is the number 1 injury that
  • Natures defence! Those fake eye markings make it look like
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  • Control issues? Not sure of the source but they nailed
  • Love combining this mode of transportation with a multitude of
  • Professional training can save you time  money suffering and
  • Field expedient birch bark cup that holds approximately 12 litre
  • KISSkeep it simple survivor! This has been my carry for
  • Its the small victories that get you through a survival
  • Because I like it! pararescue sartech sar veteran rescue safety