Wilderness Survival And Safety References


Public Safety Canada: 72 hours… Is Your Family Prepared?
A collaboration between the Federal government, the Canadian Red Cross, St. John’s Ambulance, and the Salvation Army to encourage Canadians to be prepared to cope on their own for 72 hours in case of emergency by knowing the risks in their community, making an emergency plan, and getting an emergency kit.

Provincial/Territorial Emergency Management Organizations (EMO)
Provincial EMOs provide information on emergency and disaster preparedness to the general public. This website provides links to the EMO for each province and territory.

Canadian Coast Guard – Search and Rescue

Royal Canadian Air Force – Search and Rescue

Canadian Forces – Search and Rescue

National SAR Secretariat

Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA)
CASARA is a national volunteer organization funded by the Department of National Defence, that provides volunteer assistance to the Royal Canadian Air Force for, primarily, aeronautical SAR.

Search and Rescue Volunteer Association of Canada (SARVAC)
SARVAC supports, coordinates, develops, informs, promotes, and implements search, rescue, and emergency response with the underlying principle of saving lives. It is the organizing body for all volunteer Ground SAR in Canada.

Database of worldwide Rescue Coordination Centres & other SAR contacts hosted by JRCC Halifax


Magnetic Declination Calculator 
Natural Resources Canada tool to calculate magnetic declination for anywhere in the world for any date from 1900 onward. Latitude and Longitude required.

The Atlas of Canada
National Resources Canada offers many mapping resources, including Toporama (which allows you to scroll and zoom across the topographic map detail of the entire country), Interactive, Wall, and Archival maps.

GeoGratis Geospatial Product Index
Also hosted by Natural Resources Canada, the Geospatial Product Index allows you to download a digital copy of any topographic map in Canada. Under “Themes” choose Raster, then “CanTopo – CanMatrix – Latest Edition 1:50 000”.

Natural Resource Maps - Fisheries and Oceans Canada
Same as the Geospatial Product Index, but for Nautical Charts hosted by Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Canada Map Sales
Operated by Manitoba Conservation, it is one of the Regional Distribution Centres for the Government of Canada’s Topographic (and other) maps. This is the place to find and order whatever maps you need.

Other Resources

Cold Water Boot Camp
Explains the effects of Cold Water Immersion based on Dr. Gordon Giesbrecht’s (Dr. Popsicle) research.

AdventureSmart is a national prevention program – built as a collaborative effort by many government and public organizations - focused on reaching Canadians, and visitors to Canada, who participate in outdoor recreational activities.