Down But Not Out

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DBNO Cover


The manual used by the Canadian Forces Survival School for decades. It doesn't know everything, but it remains a force to be reckoned with - and often referred back to.

Ridiculously priced on for $500 or more reasonably $53.91 on* but still used; own a newly printed copy.

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L/B NH Compass

The Compass that is part of your gear.


Suunto attachable compasses form a natural part of outdoorgear, freeing up hands and easing the mind.

  • Liquid filled jewel bearing compass
  • Balanced for northern hemisphere
  • Cardinal directions in luminous prints on card
  • Direction on rotating bezel in 10 degrees increments
  • Clips to watch strap, sleeve, strap of backpack, side of map etc.
  • A fun, supercompact aid for underwater navigation
  • Suunto limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in Finland


Price - $24.95 plus tax

Signal Mirrors

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Signal Mirrors are one of the most effective, efficient, and budget-friendly signalling devices. If you want to be rescued, you should be carrying a signal mirror. Unfortunately, finding a quality glass signal mirror for sale these days is rare. And that's why we've found a source and are offering here.

Only $15 plus tax

Hand Warmers

Reusable and Convenient

Hand Warmers

Instant heat with one click. These hand warmers are reusable for 100's of uses. Simply press and release the activator disc, and watch as your hand warmers instantly warms.

After use, place in boiling water to reset the hand warmer.

Great for winter sports, camping, hunting, and ice fishing.


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