Wildlife Awareness and Predator Safety

Wildlife awareness and predator safety course
Wildlife and predator safety course
Whether working or playing in the wilderness, this course is a must. Predators can be a real threat especially to the sick, injured, young, and for dogs accompanying humans in the wild.  Most remote cabins, lodges and workers have non-lethal and lethal ways of protecting themselves from agressive animals. These non-lethal and lethal tools are stored on hand. There is a reason for this, it pays to be prepared. This course is mainly hands on and outdoors, so dress accordingly and bring extra clothes.

Teaching points include (but not limited to)

  • Most popular gauge shotguns of the north
  • Most popular long gun calibers in the north
  • Cover three guns with one
  • .22 in a butt!
  • Safe handling
  • Examples of encounters with wildlife
  • Non-lethal and lethal responses
  • Live firing of bear bangers, bear spay, survival firearms, and more.

Intended audience:

Search and Rescue teams, Coast Guard, Police, general public, outdoor enthusiasts,
Snowmobilers, ATV riders, Hunters, Sport and Commercial fisherman, Canoeists, Hikers,
Skiers, Berry and Mushroom pickers, Back country/Remote workers.

Duration 8 hours

Cost $200 per person + tax

Prerequisites  Proper equipment and environmental clothing as per Kit list, the Canadian firearms safety course isn’t mandatory but strongly recommended.

Group rates available