Winter & Arctic Survival Skills

Winter is an amazing time of year; a boreal landscape filled with snow and the air cold enough to hurt our face (but no mosquitos!), and the magical serenity of winter travel draws many of us out to explore.

Some of us travel further North to the Tundra and Arctic "Wastelands". Learn the specific application of survival in the snow-covered landscape - without the arctic price tag!

Syllabus (includes but not limited to):

  • Clothing
  • Equipment
  • First Aid
    • Cold injuries
    • Hazards
  • Travel
    • Toboggans
    • Snowshoe/Skis
      • Emergency snowshoe fabrication
    • on foot
  • Predator Safety
  • Fire/Heating Devices
    • Kudlik/Qulliq
    • Candle
    • Wood stove
    • Twig fire
  • Shelter
    • Quinze
    • Snow cave
    • Snow trench
    • Hot tent
  • Signals
  • Water Collection
  • Food
    • Emergency rations
    • Lard
    • Cooking
    • Snaring
    • Netting
    • Winter vegetation


  • WSS1 encouraged, but not required

Duration: 5 days, 4 nights (each night spent in a different type of winter shelter)

Maximum Instructor to Participant Ratio: 1:6

Cost: $1000 + tax

Dates: Usually the second full week in January. Check the homepage for confirmation or contact us for private courses